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OOC Note: Trying to get a grip of this character. I’m not sure I want her to be as… muzzy and dim as she’s coming across here. I’m going for autistic, but still sharp. Unfortunately, the somewhat clipped character idea has gotten in my head and I’m having a hard time with this. Maybe when I, oh, ACTUALLY LOG ON AND PLAY HER, it’ll get better.

I have heard people say that it is well to commit your thoughts to a page. Of late I have many thoughts, and few people with whom to speak.

Sha’avel and I have not returned to the war front in Ashenvale yet.  I still have not found anyone who can construct a phylactery or a tracking device, though perhaps my new friend can help with that. He loaned me a book. It was a good book, but there were many parts that were not realistic. It was not like books my tutors bid me read, nor the ones which I was obliged to study; it was different and written strangely. He told me it was to read for fun. I’m not sure I understand what the purpose of that is, but I suppose it was nice.

The rabbit which was I gifted is very soft, and it makes my insides feel warm, though it does not like being cleaned or held too tightly. That is okay. I do not think I would like to have someone large hold me under water, either. And I do not like to be touched by strangers. Though it does not mind like I do; only dislikes when I hold too hard. I do not eat grass like it does. I think it is happy. I am not sure of me.

I have spent some time in libraries, reading as my masters bid me. I have not told them what I know of Sha’avel. He is my friend. It would be wrong to kill him.

I think I will check the bushes now to make sure there are no lurkers there. My new friend told me that sometimes people lurk in bushes, to spy and to kill each other. I will be wary.


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