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I watch.

Always, I watch, like some hunger inside of me, and it cannot be satiated by mortal food or drink. There is an empty space in the places between my ribs, between the heartbeats that serenade me to my own mortal demise. My mind is dizzy with loneliness, my heart as hollow as the husk of a withered nut, easily crushed in the palm of my hand.

I see the trees fall, one by one, like the meticulous plucking of individual hairs; one or two or three, it may well be the same. But instead, like a sick animal, they persist. One by one, the twist and jerk, leaving the skin of the earth exposed. Winter shrivels it, the rain and wind peel away layers with no roots to keep them intact. My heartbeat slows and I feel sick in the very bottom of my belly, where the hunger grows.

My teeth ache and my mouth is dry. I cannot be distracted, though.

Ashenvale is fallen, and I didn’t keep her safe.

Oh, I’ve heard, yes. As surely as I breathe, I feel it, I can hear the keening of the wind through spectral branches that will never sway again and I want to rush back home, to the forests where I grew alongside the trees into the skin that is mine, the marrow of my bones filled with leaves and dirt and life

Here there is only death and dead things. Here, there is cold that sinks between the fur, the hair, the skin and leather and feather and bone… days run with nights, and I search for signs of them. The dead thing and my sister. He mocked me, when I walked between them. His stink and his decay, the thought of his unliving hands gliding down her arm, pulseless lifeless blue fingers twining between her own and I will find him and kill him again for taking her from me.

What if he has done to her what was done to him in the first place…?

No, Tzufit. I would know.

She’s still alive, I can feel her life like rain in a muddy river… she will return to me, and I will see that his unfeeling skin is flayed from his rot-eaten corpse. His bier will be of thorns and he will fall to the silence and stillness that he never should have left.

We will return to the forests where we belong and raise the pennants of our people and-

I will belong again.


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