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[I may have quit WoW, but I can hardly quit writing! For anyone who might be interested, I can now be found at Cannibalfelf and Friends!

Follow the heart-warming tale of Vlyn, a Bosmer (wood elf) from the war-torn land of Tamriel, where she fights to place the Aldmeri Dominion’s young warrior-queen, Ayrenn, on the throne in the White Gold Tower! Along the way she’ll meet many people from many walks of life, and then kill and eat them to survive as she follows her more personal journey to obtain as much knowledge as she can to sate her burgeoning magical addiction!

In addition to Vlyn, you might meet Daniyah, a middle aged knight determined to maintain her humanity against every odd as she fights and kills alongside her comrades for the coming Age of Man!

Or you could follow the journeys of Kharza, a deeply unattractive hobo orc who just wants to make everyone well and healthy – a pacifist in a warrior society that is as disgusted with her over her unacceptable passivity as the rest of the world is over how unbearably ugly she is!

Last but not least, there’s Ofeig, a nordic stableboy with a heart of gold who just wishes the pretty blacksmith lass would look twice in his direction.

So consider checking out The Elder Scrolls Online, or better yet, join the fansite TESO-RP, and keep an eye on Cannibal Elf and Friends for content!

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