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Odynae Dawnhammer, worn by battle and made brittle from loss, lives out her days restless and roaming. She searches for her purpose, she fights to rid the world of an evil that slips ever further from her reach… those who are lost live on in her prayers, their names and their deeds stubbornly honored.











Marlbane Brightmoore quietly fades away from those very few she was once close to, reclusive and obsessed by her own mortality- by the demons that await her death. She spends her days hunting for a way to regain the part of her soul that is lost- or to find a way to outwit death. Even demon-hunting becomes of little interest in her obsessive search. Eventually, she does die – of her own accord, but is saved from the endless torment that awaits her, by the plague of undeath… which itself is a new form of torment. She eventually goes mad.



Ashtivar Whiteoak is forced to leave her farm in Surwich after her theft of goblin gold is discovered. She spends some time in hiding, before Gilneas calls her home for the last time. She fights to reclaim her homeland, and, after years of fighting, dies there.


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