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Don’t remember when. A month or two back.

Led by Caleigh North Kriss, participants Ashtivar Whiteoak, Torgian, Fugue, Samili ‘Muffinlady’ Sorensen, Nate ‘the Great’ Natsby, Caleigh’s husband, some other fuckers

Injuries sustained- Caleigh got choked, some of us got hit with shadow shit, I had to fight Caleigh’s dumbfuck husband for some damn reason; we almost ditched Muffinlady but it turns out someone grabbed her, she was knocked out or some shit.

As witnessed by Ashtivar Whiteoak:

Shit I thought I did this ages ago. Fucking parrot never made it back to Stormwind, original report’s probably in something’s belly.

We arrived at the launch point and I was asked to do a quick overhead scan to see what was up, I saw the man we were supposed to be killing run into this temple thing so I reported back; miss North floated all of us so we could move silently over the water, and we went down the steps into the temple where we encountered a shadow specter in the water and miss Sorensen went missing. The mages did some finger-wiggly shit and fixed the shadow thing right good after I nearly got drowned, haha stupid thing didn’t even know I could be a sea bear, point one for Whiteoak yeee-awww

Torgian went back to try to find Sorenson and I waited, the others went on ahead and encountered a trap at the base of some stairs by the time Torgian and I caught up. Some sort of step-plate thing that’ll fuck your day right up; fortunately, didn’t really do much damage so we continued on until we found what’s his fuck, Lorgus Jett.

Caleigh kept the robe-wearin’ folk and her husband toward the back, put Natsby, myself, and that other fucker front-wise. Jett was goin’ on about some shit and started spewing shadow shit, Kriss went nuts and tried to kill Caleigh, we stopped him, took some good blows at Jett to little effect. Natsby distinguished himself like he always does, this time by throwing some sort of box at Jett and it seemed to rile him up some, was real well done. Torgian and Fugue did finger wigglin’ shit. Beer is great.

Then Jett vanished sayin’ something about how we all suck and didn’t really seem to be impacted much, there was some shadow shit crawling across the floor that destroyed everything it touched, just turned it right to dust- damndest thing- one of the mages threw up a portal and we all got the shit out of there.

Caleigh done pretty good, we all mighta died without her leadin’; it was her idea to prevent the most easily damaged members of the group from getting killed by Jett being a douchebag, was her idea to protal the fuck outta there, was well done. No one died but we almost forgot dippy mcMuffinmaker, was Torgian that grabbed her I think. I don’t know.

Fucking parrot. Need more beer.

Oh yeah Chuckles was there and did some shit.


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April 14

I’ve done all I can to ensure Diane’s safety. Kaniffler made cunning use of his technology to find a way for us to keep in contact with her while she goes off adventuring- of all people, I should know what it’s like to be told no, you can’t leave, you must stay here and be safe.

I would not be one to put her in such a cage.

But I’d be a fool not to worry, all the same. We don’t know when or where or how he might strike. I must find ways to protect her- and to help her protect herself.

And in the mean time, Kaniffler and I will keep a weather eye out for her safety. That gnome has a way of digging and entrenching himself in things- he’s one to worry about in that regard, especially considering his fast temper.

We made a deal with a man who has no name, Diane and I. In return for some special rocks Ashthra gifted her, he was able to crudely operate on her, and using some form of vile demon magic no doubt, he did what I and all my Light never could have. She can walk again, as if it had never happened- though there are many scars that say otherwise, many memories too.

I doubt if she’ll ever bear children, after what happened.

I still need to tend to the matter of the Thing Strahm kept in the basement. I suppose it’s not that surprising that I had forgotten about it; Light forbid it should have escaped in my absence. I need to find a lockpick that can do the job, and perhaps persuade Kaniffler and- maybe Kinza, to come with me. Kinza is a Light-wielder. I do not think that physical damage can kill it. But perhaps the Light can. If that fails, then maybe we can torch the place. I don’t know.

I will not be speaking to Lorcain about this matter. He can go stick his head in a pot of boiling water for all I care.

I am not a traitor.

There are many things I have done which could be considered disloyal to the Alliance, but I would never willingly associate myself with the Forsaken. Never.

Valstun is still absent, but I pray my faith in Hector’s words is not misguided. I pray he’s got his reasons, and that his corpse doesn’t molder in some far-off battlefield. The fate of everything I hold dear hinges on it, but it’s no use thinking such thoughts right now…

While I have time left, I’ve given some measure of thought to Tristen’s tasks, and I’ve come to a decision.

My act of Courage will be retrieving the body from Ahn’Qiraj, and laying the man to rest.

I don’t know anything of the Apophan’s movements any longer- I’ve lost track, between everything else. Have I truly given up on the revenge I’ve desired for so long? It’s unnerving, but quite frankly, there are more important things than the white-hot anger that quickens my heartbeat, and I don’t have allies that have a reason to hate him as I do. I will not drag the Bastion into a war with something our combined strength might not even be able to touch, and I will not go to Marius with this- should I see the old elf again, I want it to be with a smile, not with a call to arms.

I haven’t heard from Keedorian in months either. I wonder if he still fights… but perhaps it is best that I leave off writing to him.

The last thing Lorcain needs is proof, never mind the reason, never mind the cause.

I am not a traitor.

There are simply things that I will set aside my differences to fight, and the Apophan is one of them. The time demon is another.

Lorcain can go throw himself in the Great Forge.

At any rate, I need to confer with my Knight about this. Fatherhood has changed him; he’s grown…

Well. He’s grown. I wonder if he still fits in his armor

That’s a terrible thought. I should feel shamed for penning it.

I suppose I’ve grown softer, too. But the encounter with Wrin that has so disfigured my face- my face, my poor face, if it was homely before it’s hideous now!- lit a fire beneath my rump again. I may not be as hard or fast as I was a year ago, but I’m not so soft as I was three months ago either; I am not as able to be Thoran’s mother as a result. Mykhael must stand on his own two feet, at least for now.

Someday, life will be calm enough that we can return to a quieter way of being. But now is not that day.

I only hope it won’t be too late. Every day that passes is a day I miss watching him grow.

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